Backpack Weekend Meal Program

School Year: 2019 - 2020

Currently supporting Ellensburg Elementary and Middle School Students

The backpack program began a number of years ago as a way to feed students in our community that were going hungry over the weekend. These students were being fed under the free or reduced price meals at school, but during the weekend they had little or nothing to eat. The school help to identify the individuals in need. Every week during the school year, meal bags are assembled and delivered to the schools on Thursdays. A standard bag comes with a breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks, and cost around $8 to put together.

What to donate

• Cans of chili, ravioli, spaghettis, tuna fish or Vienna sausages* • Easy Mac*

• Chicken noodle or tomato soup* • Protein bars*

• Six-ounce juices that provide 100 percent Vitamin C • Four-ounce applesauce or fruit cups

• Individually prepared puddings • Packages of crackers and cheese

• Six-ounce packages of fruit snacks • Little boxes of raisins

• Packages of dry hot chocolate or apple cider • Breakfast cookies, Nutrigrain bars or granola bars

• Shelf stable milk or chocolate milk • Variety of instant oatmeal

* Most needed items

Place donations in backpack box in the lobby of the Ellensburg Presbyterian Church on Third Avenue behind Ellensburg High School or at St. Andrews Catholic Church at 401 S Willow St. or First Lutheran Church at 512 N Ruby. 


For further information, or to see about setting up this program for your community, please contact Ellensburg Presbyterian Church at (509)925-3149